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 An Indian migrant worker carries bricks in the UK brickworks factory in Bungamati, Kathmandu, Nepal on 15 March 2016. Around 400 labourers, including children, work in very dusty and hot conditions.

Bungamati Brick Factory

Since the earthquake in April 2015, Nepal has been trying to rebuild. The already economically deprived country experienced its worst earthquake in 80 years, killing over 8000 people and destroying more than half a million homes. Troubled by bureaucratic turmoil and border blockades with neighbouring India, aid has not been distributed to full effect. However, brick factories in the Kathmandu valley are working overtime. Chimneys in the factories were not rebuilt to their original height, causing fumes and dust to escape rapidly at an insufficient heigh, and engulfing the plateau in smog. Brick manufacturers have taken advantage of the vulnerable. Children, migrant workers and desperate unemployed locals work on a low wage for long hours in extremely dusty conditions making the bricks.