Nepal Earthquake Anniversary - One Year On

In April 2015, Nepal experienced the worst earthquake in the country for 80 years, killing over 8000 people and destroying more than half a million homes. Troubled by bureaucratic turmoil and border blockades with neighbouring India, rebuilding efforts in Nepal have been stunted, leaving many in temporary accommodation and makeshift shelters.

In the centre of Kathmandu, a large Internally Displaced People camp is fully occupied. 12 months after the earthquake, many people from surrounding districts such as Sindhupalchowk and Dhading are still living in tents in the camp, equipped only with very basic facilities.

Despite the lack of reconstruction, brick factories in the Kathmandu valley are working overtime, engulfing the plateau in smog. Children, migrant workers, and desperate locals all work making the bricks, on a low wage, for long hours, and in extremely dusty conditions.